It has begun!

Here we go!

I’ve ventured into the wondrous land of blogging. This first entry will mainly be an outline for what this is all about. For a long time I’ve wanted to have my own blog to write about my academic endeavors, and I finally took the time to setup a decent page here on WordPress, so hopefully I can keep it going for a while.

So, what is evoart? Being a student at the section of English at the University of Aarhus with a minor in Nordic Literature and Language I very much enjoy studying literature, film, and video games. What I have had a hard time accepting though are the approaches that I have been presented with over the past four years of my studies in the Humanities. I understand the basic principles of structuralism, post-structuralism, deconstruction and post-modernism, but what I don’t understand is, how these approaches can be defended as methods of research.

So when I stumbled over bio-cultural approaches to literature (Thanks to Mathias Clasen and Joseph Carroll) I pretty much found my saving grace. A theory in favor of consilience, unity of knowledge. Instead of fighting the mind vs. matter game, a proposal to consider both mind and matter. Take what we know to be an approximation of truth about human biology – the theories of natural and sexual selection – and apply that to the arts. Why do we respond the way we do to certains kinds of art, what is it that makes us read/write literature, and why/how can we distinguish excellent literature from just good literature.

And that is evoart – evolution and art – my academic pursuit, although I might be bashed along the way, coming out a family with a dad as a doctor and a mom as a nurse I believe in science, so much that I want to bet my academic career on the fact, that science can and will, to some extension, explain art.

Literary Darwinism is, therefore, the main topic of this blog as I experience new pieces of fiction, be that literature, film or video games. I hope to post thoughts about both experiences of fiction consumed in my spare time as well as my studies. This will also be a great way for me to practice my writing skills, which is actually the overall main purpose of this project – to become better and more sufficient at writing about the stuff I believe in.

So join me in my new venture! Right there, on the right –> subscribe with your e-mail, and you’ll get an update everytime I post something new.

Feel more than free to comment and/or discuss. As much as this is an exercise in writing it would be great to practice argumentation as well.